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24,30 EUR*
Details Unicellular-Waters-Hyaluronic-Acid-Drops-30ml

Nature's Hyaluronic Acid - Concentrated Drops The richness of unicellular waters with the most effective active ingredients for skin elasticity: hyaluronic acid. A pure concentrate for the beauty of the face, which combines the richness of unicellular...

18,65 EUR*
Details Caira-Wrinkles-Of-Venus-30ml

Caira Face Line Venus wrinkles 100% natural lotion of medicinal plant extracts, selected for their precious ingredients, with essential oils of Mint and Nepetella. The skilful combination of ingredients and the richness in phytocompounds, such as...

20,32 EUR*
Details Euphidra-Phs-Intensive-Light-Moisturizing-Cream-50ml

Euphidra Personal Hydra System INTENSIVE [light moisturizer] Anti-fatigue and protective action NORMAL, DRIED SKIN Hydration and daily skin protection. Soothing, regenerating and anti-fatigue effect Absorption speed ??? ? Texture richness ??? ?...

42,90 EUR*

Anti-wrinkle restorative night cream. Description: Ultra-light night cream with immediate comfort. Actions and effects: Designed to reintegrate skin lipid deficiencies and as an anti-wrinkle treatment, thanks to the richness of its nourishing effect...

38,42 EUR*
Details Givenchy-Organza-Eau-De-Parfum-Spray-30ml

Eternal seduction. Organza sublimates the femininity of every woman; that of mother, that of the lover ... Organza is the goddess hidden in every woman. It is immortal, unique, combining elegance and richness, purity and sensuality.

14,11 EUR*
Details Digestodoron-Dilution-50-ml

Digestodoron Dilution (Tropfen) regt die rhythmischen Abläufe im Verdauungstrakt nachhaltig an und stellt bei längerfristiger Einnahme das rhythmische Gleichgewicht wieder her. Sie reguliert so die Verdauungstätigkeit und ist dafür geeignet, die...

7,26 EUR*
Details Apis-Mellifica-D-6-Dilution-20-ml

Wirkstoff: Apis mellifica (homöoph.)

12,48 EUR*
Details Fucus-Vesiculosus-D-4-Dilution-50-ml

Wirkstoff: Fucus vesiculosus (homöoph.)

25,61 EUR*
Details Royal-Canine-Veterinary-Urinary-High-Dilution-Feline-Dry-Food-for-Cats-15Kg

Royal Canine Veterinary Urinary High Dilution Feline Royal canin veterinary cat urinary high dilution kg 1.5 Diseases of the lower urinary tract It is the food that is recommended by the veterinarian in case the calculations occur again with particular...

3,40 EUR*
Details Leo-Solution-For-Flowers-30ml

Leo Solution For Flowers Hydroalcoholic solution Solution ready for the dilutions more flowers of Bach. indispensable tool to floriterapeuti to prepare custom compositions. Composition: Water glass Norda, brandy mother of Piquette. Dropper. The...

6,79 EUR*
Details Tonimer-Lab-Monodose-30-Bottles-x5ml

Tonimer Lab Fluid Monodose Medical device. Sterile seawater isotonic solution for the removal and fluidization of the nasal dew of the infant and baby, in cases of drying of mucous membranes and cooling diseases. Ideal for aerosol dilutions. Reduced...

16,56 EUR*
Details Buds-Of-Micol-2-Food-Supplement-30ml

Gems Of Micol 2 Dietary supplement Food supplement based on hydroglyceral alcoholic extracts of Birch obtained from fresh plant parts. To be administered pure or diluted in water. Dilution in water is recommended in pediatrics and for people sensitive...

3,57 EUR*
Details Veterinary-Urinary-S-oder-Erganzung-fur-Hunde-Wet-410g

Veterinary Urinary S / O Wir t URIN DILUTION Die Verdunnung des Urins macht den Harn Umwelt weniger forderlich fur die Bildung von Struvit und Calciumoxalat. Struvit AUFL?SUNG Es hilft, Nierensteine auflosen. ZUTATEN Fur weitere Informationen uber die...